Thursday, May 10, 2007


Personal Details

Surname: Nkgodi
First names: Molifi, Bruce
Contact no: 073 3522 854
Health: Excellent


Tertiary Education

BA Honours (Politics) University of the Witwatersrand, 2006

Econometrics module (non-degree purpose), University of Johannesburg, 2003

BA (Economic & Political Studies), University of the Witwatersrand, 2002


Investigated the efficacy of Structural Adjustment Programmes in redressing inefficiencies in African agriculture (Voluntary honours long paper).
Investigated the origins of the Third World Debt Crisis.
Built an econometric model using data for South Africa’s economy to test the interest elasticity of money demand. That is, the sensitivity of borrowing to changes in interest rate.
Assess the impact of the emerging black middle class on the structural configuration of South Africa’s economy under free trade-with special focus on the manufacturing sector (Honours dissertation).

High School Education

Last school attended: Mokgome High School
Highest standard passed: Standard 10 or Grade 12


Soccer team member
Study group member

Employment History

Employer: Hofmeyr House, 2002 to 2003
Designation: General Assistant – Skills acquired – administration, people’s and multitasking.
Reason for leaving: Part-time

Employer: International Project Consultant (IPC), 2001
Designation: Field worker – Skills acquired – communication and information gathering skills.
Reason for leaving: Part-time

Employer: Wits Anatomy Department, 2007
Designation: General Assistant – system planning skills
Reason for leaving: Part-time

Other Skills

Report writing
Micro-soft: Word, Excel, Internet & PowerPoint
Familiarity with general office work
Participating in team work


To be part of an organization that will employ my analytical and communication skills. Thereby add value to the organization’s endeavour to utilizing scarce resources as efficient as possible.


· Name: Ms Karen Fridi
Tel no: 011 717 9320 (Manageress)

· Name: Prof Rod Alence (Lecturer)
Tel no: 011 717 4493

· Name: Prof Daryl Glaser (Lecturer)
Tel no: 011 717 4373

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